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Just Bloom Collagen Pouch
Just Bloom Collagen Pouch
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Just Bloom Collagen Pouch with coffee
Just Bloom Collagen Pouch and packets

Just Collagen-Unflavored Collagen Peptides Resealable Pouch (330g)

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Your benefits. Your way.

Collagen is a great addition to anyone's wellness routine. Whether you're an active individual, a beauty guru, or just need some extra protein we've got you covered. And our pouches are portable so you can take them wherever you go. Just tear, pour, stir, and enjoy! There's really no reason you shouldn't add this to your daily drink.

Each serving contains 5 grams of collagen, no artificial sweeteners, and only 30 calories. Ditch the soda and juice for a healthier alternative; plus, get the benefits that collagen provides: supple skin, shiny and healthy hair, strong nails, and sturdy bones/joints.