Collagen and My Diabetic Health

Collagen and my Diabetic Health

Growing up in a household with people who take the most care when it comes to their skin and overall health I’ve always heard of collagen but never understood its benefits. Until I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 18. As a young man, I was scared mostly because I didn’t know what it would mean for me in the long run and how strict of a diet id have to follow thereafter. Would I still be able to work out, take the supplements I’m used to, eat the foods I like? These were common questions id ask myself and wonder how much things would change as a result, since I’d have to adjust my diet I wondered how my health would be affected as a result as well. 

I know my diet plays an essential role in managing my diabetes. To understand how certain foods affected my insulin and blood sugar levels helped me make more informed choices about what to eat and when. That’s where Just Collagen and Collagen Coffee Creamers came into play. Both Collagen Sips and Collagen Coffee Creamers have very few calories since they’re straight-up protein and they have no fluff added. Meaning, I got all the collagen without fear of ingesting fillers some companies add to render more product. Which arent bad BUT they’re not great either. There was also no flavor and it mixed with ANYTHING! In addition to it having ZERO impact on my blood sugar due to it not having any processed sugars. To top it off both products are naturally sweetened with monk fruit which has zero carbs and calories meaning it won’t affect my blood sugar levels AT ALL! Amazing right?! 

Living with diabetes I was able to eat a balanced, healthy diet without giving up the foods I enjoyed by monitoring what I’d eat. The important factors  I’d focus on to have an effective diabetes diet included moderation and careful food choice to maintain my blood sugar levels at a healthy level. Collagen worked incredibly well for me even after being diagnosed with diabetes. It allowed me to easily add protein to my diet without any blood sugar impact, and it improved my digestion and joint health!

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