Spring Back into Action

Let’s talk about our bodies for a moment. Sometimes we avoid discussing them but it’s so necessary. Why? Because we’re going to have the same one for the rest of our life. It’s important to treat our bodies well because we want to avoid it breaking down on us. We’ve all experienced the occasional bone crack or joint pain – especially after 30. But don’t be discouraged because it doesn’t have to be that way. You can combat a lot of the issues with collagen. You read that right! Collagen can help.

Everyone’s heard that collagen is good for beautiful hair, skin, and nails. But it’s also beneficial for improving your bones and joints. In our previous blog What is Collagen? we discussed how collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body. But when we hit about 25 its production begins to slow down. That’s when we start feeling and sometimes looking a bit different.

As we get older, the more wear and tear we put on our joints. Naturally, there is collagen found in our joints but the joints wear down. Supplementing with collagen is like spraying WD-40 to a squeaky door hinge. Our ligaments are equally as important as they connect our muscles to the bones. If they’re weak or in poor shape they can restrict our range of motion making it difficult to engage in activities we previously or currently enjoy.

The key is to strengthen them. That’s where collagen comes in since it’s found in the ligaments themselves. When you supplement with collagen you promote the health of more than just your muscular system. Being that collagen makes up about 1/3 of the protein in your body you’re also boosting your own production. If you’re athletic increasing your collagen intake will assist with your recovery after exercising.

Just Bloom’s collagen is bovine-derived. Cattle are an excellent source of these amino acids. In addition, the previous mentioned benefits, supplementing with bovine sourced collagen include aiding with treatment of osteoarthritis. It acts as a lubricant to keep your joints moving the way they should. And we’re here to encourage you to get moving along.

Set small goals first. Rise early and take time to stretch. Stretching is essential because it keeps your joints strong, healthy, and flexible. The more flexible your muscles and joints are the better range of motion you’ll have.

Start walking for 30 minutes each day. Walking daily has been noted to ease joint pain. Feeling a little stiff? Get up and go for an easy walk! Walking it out can assist with any muscular pain you might experience. In addition to the physical benefits there are psychological ones. For example, walking can improve your mood.

All it takes is a few small steps to reach the goals of activity you have. Maybe set aside a moment or two to write down some ways you can improve your exercise routine. As we stated above you don’t have to turn into Wonder Woman overnight. The goal is to become more active. You know the old expression, “use it or lose it.” Just Bloom wants you to continue to use your body the way it was meant.

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