5 Cool Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day


Is this everyone’s favorite day or what? It’s seriously refreshing to know that you’re considered an integral part of the organization for which you work. A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) lists respect for employees at every level as very important among 65% of respondents. However, many leaders have no idea where to even begin regarding finding a fit for everyone. Some employers are stuck in the box of tradition, offering things much of the crew is uninterested in or has too much of (read: random company swag). If that’s you, we have some ideas to show your employees how much you dig their contributions to the organization.


Enlist a Food Truck


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One way to help your team feel special is through their stomachs. Bring a local food truck to the parking lot and let everyone have their way! Why not make it a little party outside? Depending on the size of your group, set up a nice area for everyone to enjoy themselves and mingle with one another. Be sure to have vegetarian and vegan options, as well. When you see the smiles on their satisfied faces, you’ll be glad you did it.


Gift Cards


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You could opt for a gift card. Some believe gift cards can feel a bit impersonal. On the other hand, they can be great simply because they allow the recipient to use it however he or she would like. As a sharp leader, you may have discerned some store for which your staffer may have a love. Why not spring for a gift card that you definitely know will be used? Or if you’re on the cautious side, you could choose to get a nice Visa gift card so that he or she can use it wherever on whatever.


Company-Sponsored Outing


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Everyone could use a little recreation, right? Invite your squad out for an afternoon (or night) of fun and games! Even if you can’t foot the bill, taking part in an outing will help to solidify you all as a unit.  Your group spends a ton of time on the business side of things. Try to kick it up a notch and see how everyone interacts when they’ve gotten the chance to let their hair down.


Flex Time


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This is the direction quite a few employers are heading. “What is flex time?” you might ask. Check below:


Flex time is especially appealing to both employers and staff because it creates a foundation for trust, as well as confidence. When your employees feel that you value the time and effort they contribute to the company, they tend to be even more productive. Offering flex time will undoubtedly improve employee satisfaction. Give it a whirl!




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One other option is to simply ask what your team would like. It doesn’t hurt to send out a brief survey with a few choices to find out their interests. You might even be able to tailor each token of appreciation to the individual. If that’s not ideal, select whichever gets the most favorable response and run with it.

Whichever way you choose to show your appreciation for your staffers be sure to have fun! Make it something by which everyone can benefit. Each person in your organization will feel you truly care and it will improve the morale of the office. Happier employees = more productive employees.


Happy Friday!



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