6 Ways to 'Spring Clean' Your Life

Spring has finally sprung! This time of year, is probably one of the most dreaded by people all over the globe. No one feels like sitting down and going through what’s needed and what isn’t. View spring as an opportunity to start anew and  get to the garage you've been procrastinating about. It's even time to get rid of some of the people you won't miss. Make sure you have an awesome playlist and comfy pants on; it’s going to take some time. We have a few suggestions to get you started on your quest for clarity.

Your Space

  • If you're a normal adult human, you may have accumulated quite a bit of paperwork over several years. Many of us hang on to some serious tree products because we think "what if?" For example, you may have copies of your taxes from a decade or so ago, thinking there's a possibility you might be audited. Trust us, we're trying to stay on the right side of the law, too. Tax returns would be the only thing we'd suggest hanging onto. But love letters from someone who broke your heart or receipts from a local fast food restaurant -- let them go.
  • Clear out your closet. Not even Kim Kardashian can keep every piece of clothing in regular rotation. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether to keep something or not: 
    1. Have I worn it within the last 6 months?
    2. Does it have damage that cannot be fixed?
    3. Is it out of style? Or is it a classic piece?

It may be difficult to part with some things, especially, if they have some sentimental value. If that's the case, you may want to consider getting a preservation kit and boxing it up for safekeeping. 

  • Next up, is to dump everything that is unnecessary from your vehicle. That includes the heels you wore to work but couldn't commit to wearing the whole day. That also includes trash. One way to minimize accumulation is to keep a little bag for trash and one for odds and ends in your trunk. At the end of each week, take the time to dump the trash and put the things that belong elsewhere back. It keeps your vehicle from looking as if you live in it. 
how to spring clean infographic

Your Life

  • Now, to your relationships with others. You may want to ditch (or reduce the amount of time spent with) anyone who doesn't contribute anything positive to your space. For example, if you have an associate who is usually complaining about others or tend to be Debbie Downer in an otherwise good situation, you might want to rethink your relationship with him or her. You really don't want them to bring down the awesome vibe that could be happening. 
  • Many of us have some bad habits that we could live without (ie. smoking, eating too much junk food, etc.). We encourage you to replace the bad with the good. Quitting something that you've done of a long period of time can be difficult. Taking one small step at a time might prove to be helpful, as it eases the transition to better habits. 
  • Just as we recommended ridding your space of negativity, you’d want to do the same for yourself. The ability to combat depression, longevity, quicker recovery from illness, stronger immune system, and the power to cope with stress are just a few benefits you can expect from being positive (source). Clearly, there’s a link between optimism and health. Everyone enjoys being in good health. Your attitude is one aspect of your life that you have control over. Why not make your disposition a cheerful one? By no means are we saying you won’t have some days that are better than others. But we do want to encourage you to keep on trucking!





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