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So you're engaged -- congratulations! This is such an exciting stage in life to be. Now that your dream proposal has settled in and your ring has been sized to fit on your now-always-manicured finger, you can begin to focus on getting yourself together. Your big day is more than just prancing around in a beautiful gown and smashing cake in your new spouse's face. You'll want to look but most importantly feel your best on that day because it'll definitely show up in your photos. Just Bloom wants to help you get ready for your big day. And no matter what part of the planning you're currently in, these tips can help you.

Your Skin

This is probably one of the biggest concerns soon-to-be brides have. And justifiably so. No one wants to their pores to look disproportionately large or crazy blemishes on their big day. If you follow our blog, you saw we gave tips how to get your skin summer ready. But the suggestions really are great for any time of the year. In case you missed it, here's a little rundown.

The most important thing to do is to stay hydrated. When you maintain the proper amount of water intake you ensure your body works properly. That includes keeping the impurities away. It also means your skin will remain soft and supple.

Another way to take care of your skin leading up to and after your wedding is to wear sunscreen. Even if you live in an area where it's generally gloomy you still need it. Why? Although there may be crazy overcast a portion of the sun's harmful UV rays make their way through. Sun protection is easy to incorporate into your routine because almost every moisturizer already has it built in.

Don't wash your face with soap. Soap dries out your skin :( You'll want to find a great cleanser for your skin type. One that clarifies impurities but doesn't leave your skin feeling like the desert floor. Soap also contributes to wrinkles. What woman wants wrinkles and fine lines to be guests at her wedding? Not one.

In addition to water, collagen is a great way to keep your skin feeling and looking well-hydrated. Since collagen is a protein your body naturally produces, supplementing helps to stimulate the manufacturing.

Your Diet

Don't go crash dieting! That's probably the worst thing to do. Remember, your goal is to be healthy. Be sure to maintain a balanced diet not only for your wedding but also moving forward. It only takes 21 days to form a habit. Make good choices, consistently, and you'll see the payoff in how you feel.

One way to jump-start a healthy relationship with food is to cut out artificial and refined sugars. In one of our blog posts, we go into detail about a few options on the market for getting your sweetener fix without going the fake route. A favorite of ours is monk fruit. Monk fruit contains anti-aging properties. It also is known for containing zero calories, no fat, and no carbs. Hello!

Mix plenty of leafy greens into your diet. Green vegetables have been found to contain loads of vitamins and minerals with minimal calories. They're also great for maintaining a healthy weight and improving heart health. Popeye the Sailor was onto something with his love for spinach!

You'll also want to incorporate protein. Why? Our muscles are made up of protein. When you consume protein-rich foods you're fueling your muscle mass. Getting enough protein can also help you to retain muscle mass if you're on a weight loss journey. Just a few other benefits to eating more protein are decreased appetite and hunger levels (read: no binge munching), a boosted metabolism, the ability to burn fat quicker, and the stabilization of your blood pressure. Protein isn't difficult to find, either. You can find it in oats, almonds, milk, chicken breasts -- the list really goes on.

Your Activity

In a perfect world we would all have a fairy godmother work wonders on us to get us into the best shape ever. But this isn't a perfect world, ladies. We actually have to work at it -- sad, we know. You definitely don't need to eat, sleep, and breathe 24 Hour Fitness but you should make it a point to get moving each day. Since everyone's body type is different your needs will differ.

The goal is to be and feel healthy. When you feel good you look good! You can move by walking during your breaks at the office. Do a few laps around the building or the parking lot. If you're competitive join a FitBit challenge with your coworkers and friends. A little friendly competition seems to help motivate us.

You can also get moving by hiking. Go on adventures and discover the great outdoors. Round up a few friends (or your future hubby) and take on new trails. A great place to start is to search your immediate area for trails. Outdoor fitness doesn't cost a thing and you get to inhale some fresh air.

If you don't mind spending a couple of bucks each month you can join a gym. Most gyms have offerings of activities such as Pilates, barre, a swimming pool, and aerobics classes. Find something that you enjoy and make it your jam. It's easy to get fit when you're having fun!