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We’re all friends here, right? And friends help each other. We want to help you take the proactive approach to your health and overall wellness without being a stick in the mud. Healthy isn’t always popping a capsule so large it’s better suited for a horse. Healthy means making good choices. And those choices shouldn’t interfere with your every day and social life.

We wanted to create a beneficial product that can be incorporated into any lifestyle whether you are into health and fitness, a beauty guru or even a party animal. Consuming alcohol reduces the levels of collagen and in turn speeds up the aging process leaving your skin less tone. The more you drink, the more dehydrated you will be. This means your skin will appear less plump and, over time, will appear dry and wrinkly. Consuming alcohol also depletes Vitamin A levels. Vitamin A is crucial for the production of collagen.

Don't Let Drinking Dry You Out

Now, we aren’t saying pass on the vino. But we are saying to take preventative measures, so you can maintain your good looks. 😉 Use the Collagen Sip to combat the drying effects that alcohol can have on the body. We figure if consuming alcohol cause collagen levels to reduce, adding your favorite alcohol to our collagen sip will help counter the effects or supplement the loss. We formulated our collagen sips to mimic your favorite cocktail such as the Spicy Margarita, Peach Sangria, Mango Mojito, and Strawberry Diaquri. Simply add a shot to our Collagen Sip drink mix and you will have a refreshing beneficial cocktail in minutes. The best part is our Collagen Sip contains ZERO sugar, naturally sweeten and low carb so you can have your cake and eat it too! It’s so easy to add to beverages you drink daily, too. Adding a packet of your favorite flavor to water would be a good choice because it will remind you to stay on top of your water intake.

If you’re a YOLO (you only live once) enthusiast, the Collagen Sip is perfect for you. Why? Simply because it doesn’t interfere with your plans to live as close to the edge as possible. Throw a pouch (or two, maybe three) in your bag and go. Just Bloom’s Collagen Sip is as flexible as you! The passion you have for adventure – make sure you keep it with your health in view. And Just Bloom will help you every step of the way. We are friends after all.

Fun + Functional = #winning

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