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Just Bloom's unflavored collagen peptides are great to add to literally anything. Since they are not flavored you can drink them, bake them, and cook them. They're an absolute dream and a game changer for your daily routine.

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Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the human body. It acts as the glue that holds everything together. It’s found in your ligaments, bones, and joints. This protein has a ton of benefits: promoting skin hydration (may help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite), encouraging healthy bones, joints, and tendons (may ease joint pain and help in work out recovery), and aid in digestive health.  

Collagen contains the amino acid proline. Proline is essential because it encourages the body to produce collagen on its own since our collagen production begins to decline around the age of 25. Glycine is also found in collagen, which promotes healthy DNA and RNA strands. You definitely want healthy building blocks so that your body functions properly.

There are 12 grams of collagen in each Unflavored pouch, which is almost 6 times the amount needed to make a noticeable difference! Pour a pouch into your morning coffee or smoothie and go. It's that easy!


Serving Size: 12 g (0.423 oz)

Serving per box: 15 pouches/box

Allergens: None

Storage: Store in a dry, well ventilated area at ambient temperature between 15 degrees Celsius (59oF) to 25 degrees Celsius (77oF).


Bovine hydrolyzed collagen peptides.


Add the unflavored collagen peptides to smoothies, water, baked goods, soups, and so on. They can be added to anything and not alter the taste.