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Peach Sangria Collagen Sip

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Collagen is the most prevalent protein found in your body. In fact, you can find it in your hair, skin, joints, and ligaments. This protein is made up of amino acids. One of those amino acids is called proline. Proline is necessary because it encourages your body to produces collagen. Another amino acid you’ll find within collagen is glycine. Glycine promotes health DNA and RNA strands. That’s enough science; let’s talk about you.

Unfortunately, one of the first signs of aging usually begins in your mid-20s. This is when your body’s own natural production of collagen starts to decline. That’s why you may notice more aches here and there. Or you might feel like you did when you were a teenager. Supplementing with collagen has been proven to jump-start the body’s production. You want this to happen because you want your bones and joints to function properly. This is important for everyone but especially for those of you who are very active, as well as the more seasoned becasue collagen is beneficial for muscle recovery and tissue repair.

Our Collagen Sip tastes nothing like anything else on the market. We discovered a void in product offerings: taste. Most collagen powders available don’t taste good. Our competitors often taste (and smell) a bit off. Our collagen mimics the flavor of your favorite cocktails but we call them mocktails. They’re delicious and are a great addition to plain water, yogurt, and smoothies. If you’re of age, they’re awesome to pour into an adult beverage!

There are 5 grams of collagen included in each pouch. The Collagen Sip doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or fillers. It’s simply collagen and flavor. Each box is made up of individual pouches that make it easy for you to toss in your purse or gym bag and go. You can even leave some at your desk in the office, but we can’t guarantee your co-workers won’t take them! Don’t simply take our word, try the Collagen Sip and let us know what you think. If you’re dissatisfied, contact us and we’ll fix the situation. That’s how much we stand behind our product.

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